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Lost & Found Service

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Mon-Fri 9-18, Sat 9-15 1,98 €/min. Mon-fri 18-9, Sat 00- 9, 15-24 2,95 €/min. Sun 24h 3,56 €/min.

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Losing one's belongings is often a stressful experience. Has the lost item been found? The lost wallet contained all of my credit cards - what should I do? The phone I lost was switched on - is someone using it while I'll get the bill? How soon is it possible to get my belongings back?

Our well-qualified personnel are here to help you. Call our telephone service number, or make a found-property inquiry here.

Does your business want to sort out its lost- and found-property matters with ease? Finland's Found Property Service specializes in handling companies' lost- and found-property affairs. Fill in the contact form, and we will take care of all your lost-and-found matters. We save your time.

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